Abstract Submission Guidelines

Each registrant may submit abstract/s of their work for presentation during CAST 2017.

Only those abstracts that have been reviewed and selected by the Scientific Committee may be presented. Abstract submissions will only be accepted electronically through the abstract submission module; paper abstracts will not be accepted.

Delegates may submit their abstract prior to their congress registration. However, all accepted abstract submitters must be registered delegates on or before September 30, 2017; otherwise, they will not be allowed to present or display their studies come event time.

Submitted abstracts will be accepted for presentation only if the authors are not involved in commercial transplantation and have not violated any aspect of the Declaration of Istanbul (DOI). The Asian Society of Transplantation (AST) has signed the DOI ethics' statement and have to abide by these principles. The Scientific Committee may inquire further into ethical aspects when evaluating the submitted abstracts.

The final deadline for abstract submission has been extended until June 18, 2017.

    Abstract Topics

A. Adult Kidney TransplantationB. Pediatric Kidney Transplantation
- ABO and HLA Incompatible TransplantationC. Organ Donation
- Antibody Mediated Rejection- Deceased Donor Management and Organ Preservation
- Cellular Rejection- Living Donor/Recipient Selection, Surgical Management and Post-Donation Care
- Chronic Allograft InjuryD. Pancreas/Intestine Transplantation
- ComplicationsE. Lung/Heart Transplantation

- CardiovascularF. Liver Transplantation

- Infections- Adult Liver Transplantation

- Metabolic
- ABO Incompatible Transplantation

- Recurrent Disease
- Antibody Mediated Rejection

- Malignancy
- Cellular Rejection
- Immunosuppression
- Chronic Allograft Injury

- Desensitization
- Complications

- Induction
- Immunosuppression

- Maintenance
- Transplant Survival and Surgical Issues

- Minimization
- Viral Hepatitis
- Transplant Survival and Surgical Issues- Pediatric Liver Transplantation
- Viral Hepatitis in Kidney Transplant- Others
- OthersG. Policy, Regulation and Ethics

H. Xenotransplantation

   Presentation Type

Abstract may be submitted in one of the following formats:

A. Oral Presentation – PowerPoint Presentation to be delivered by the submitter in the scientific sessions.

B. Poster Presentation – Printed Poster to be created by the submitter and affixed on the poster panels.

C. Onsite Video Presentation – Onsite Video Presentation must be accepted and registered as a paying delegate. The submitter will be required to provide the video in a format playable from Windows Media Player at least 4 weeks prior to the conference.

You should indicate your Presentation Type preference when submitting your abstract. However the decision on whether your abstract, if accepted, should be presented as Oral, Poster or Onsite Video Presentation will be at the sole discretion of the Scientific Committee.

Detailed information on the presentation format and submission procedures (i.e duration and timing of the presentation, size of poster, accepted file type for digital poster, uploading information etc.) will be emailed to all delegates whose papers have been accepted by the Abstract Review Committee in due course.

Abstracts selected for presentation during the conference will be printed from the electronically submitted material. Every effort will be made to reproduce the content of the abstracts as submitted.

However, please be sure to carefully check your abstract for content errors, spelling, names, etc. before submitting. The Scientific Committee does not proof-read or correct spelling, typographical, grammatical, or scientific errors, nor can changes be made once the abstract is submitted.

   Abstract Submission Portal

All abstracts must be submitted online through the abstract portal.

1. Abstracts must be prepared in English only.

2. Abstracts sent by fax or post will not be accepted.

3. The submission should not exceed 3,600 characters including blank spaces and punctuations.

4. The Scientific Committee will evaluate the scientific quality of the submitted abstract on the basis of the following criteria: novelty of the research, significance of the findings, and clarity.

5. Authors submitting abstracts for presentation at this conference should consider the followings: Abstracts must describe in a succinct manner the purposes and results of the research so that the quality, originality and comprehensiveness of the work can be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

6. Each abstract should contain the following structure.

  • Objectives (indicate the purpose of the study or hypothesis that was tested)
  • Methods (include the setting for the study, the subjects, and the type of statistical analysis; if references are needed, they should be given in the text.)
  • Results (present as clearly as possible the outcome of the study and statistical significance if appropriate)
  • Conclusion (briefly discuss the data and emphasize the significance of the results)

7. Table and pictures can be included in the abstract. Picture insertion will not add to the word count. Titles should be indicative of the content of the abstract. All words necessary to identify the subject matter should be included in the title to facilitate electronic retrieval (if applicable). Avoid nonstandard abbreviations in abstract titles.

8. Abbreviations may be used in the body of an abstract if they are defined at their first mention in the text.

9. The accuracy of the submitted abstract is the responsibility of the authors. Every effort will be made to publish the abstract exactly as submitted. Authors should prepare and proofread their abstracts carefully prior to submission. Errors made on your submitted abstract are likely to appear in print.

10. Authors are strongly encouraged to print a hard copy of their abstract for their records before submitting.

11. All PRESENTERS must register to attend the CAST 2017 and presenters will not be given a poster number or an oral presentation slot until full payment is received for their registration.

12. If an abstract is accepted and the PRESENTER does not register, the abstract may be withdrawn. By submitting an abstract, the submitting author authorizes the abstract to be published by the organizer in the manner it deems fit.

13. After the abstracts have been submitted, a confirmation of receipt will be sent via e-mail.

Notifications of abstract receipt will be sent to the Abstract SUBMITTER only. Once an abstract has been submitted, it may be withdrawn or edited only till the abstract submission deadline.

    Selection and Acceptance of Abstracts

All authors will be notified by email by the end of June 2017. Abstracts will be selected on the basis of their research merit. The Committee reserves the right to assign the format of the presentation.

For abstract inquiries, kindly email us at info@cast2017philippines.org.



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