Programme At A Glance

TIMEDay 1: November 28, 2017
8:00H-9:00HOpening Ceremonies
9:00H-9:30HPlenary 1
9:30H-10:00HPlenary 2
10:00H-10:30HMorning Break
10:30H-12:30HKidney Transplant Forum
12:30H-14:00HIndustry Sponsored Lunch by Astellas
14:00H-15:30HKidney Transplant Donations and EthicsLiver TransplantLung/Heart Transplant
15:30H-16:00HAfternoon Break
16:00H-17:30HTransplant ImmunologyPediatric Kidney TransplantPancreas Intestine Xeno TransplantTransplant Complications
18:00H onwardsDinner and Fellowship Night
TIMEDay 2: November 29, 2017
8:00H-9:00HTransplantation in Asia
9:00H-9:30HPlenary 3
9:30H-10:00HPlenary 4
10:00H-10:30HMorning Break
10:30H-12:30HLiver Transplant Forum
12:30H-14:00HIndustry Sponsored Lunch
14:00H-15:30HKidney TransplantOrgan PreservationTransplant MalignanciesLung/Heart Transplant
15:30H-16:00HAfternoon Break
16:00H-17:30HTransplant InfectionsLiver TransplantDonations and EthicsLung/Heart Transplant
19:00H-22:00HIndustry Sponsored Satellite Dinner by Astellas
TIMEDay 3: November 30, 2017
8:00H-9:00HDonor Outcomes in Asia
9:00H-9:30HPlenary 5
9:30H-10:00HPlenary 6
10:00H-10:30HMorning Break
10:30H-12:30HTransplant Infections Forum
12:30H-14:00HState of the Art: ABO Incompatible Transplant
14:00H-15:30HDebate KidneyDebate Liver
15:30H-16:00HTransplantation in HIV, Hepatitis B and C Patients
16:00H-17:30HVideo Sessions
19:00H-22:00HClosing Ceremony


• January 1, 2017 - Registration
for the Congress of the Asian
Society of Transplantation (CAST)
• June 18, 2017 - Deadline of
Abstract Submission
• July 15, 2017 - End of early bird
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